Desktop Computer Memory, DDR2 1G 667Mhz RAM Designed for DDR2 PC2-5300 Laptops, Circuit Module Board RAM Fit for Intel/AMD Motherboard

Price: ₹ 399.00
(as of Sep 20,2021 20:38:58 UTC – Details)

Model: DDR2
Memory frequency: 667MHZ
Memory capacity: 1G
Compatible: Fully compatible (for intel / AMD)
Bandwidth: PC2-5300
Voltage: 1.8V
Pin number: 200Pin
Product size: about 6.7 * 3 * 0.3cm
Weight: Approx. 12.8g
Package list:
1 * DDR2 Memory

1. Please check the memory type of your computer below to choose the best one for your computer.

2. Please note that memory models is divided into SD, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. You can refer to the following table, and if you still don’t know which memory is right for your computer, use the software test to see what memory your computer needs, to protect the CPU and your computer.

Suitable memory
PC2100 DDR 266 memory
PC2700 DDR 333 memory
PC3200 DDR 400 memory
PC4200 DDR2 533 memory
PC5300 DDR2 667 memory
PC6400 DDR2 800 memory
PC8500 DDR3 1066 memory
PC10700 DDR3 1333 memory
PC12800 DDR3 1600 memory
3. If the memory appears below situations: blue screen, crash, restart, alarm sounds, please follow the following methods one by one, if not, it is sure that it is not compatible.
3.1. The memory is not inserted, or the gold finger is oxidized. Wipe the memory gold finger with an eraser and reinsert it, or change the slot;
3.2. The memory slot is dusty or oxidized. Wash it with a brush by the water.
3.3. Memory is not compatible, try to change the memory.
3.4 CMOS does not discharge and restore the factory settings, maybe it is normal (the motherboard battery is taken down, and then installed back).
3. 5. The motherboard is not compatible with the CPU, change the CPU test.

With frequency up to 667MHz, it ensures high performance and improves the fluency of system.
1GB – Large capacity provides powerful performance and storage space for daily reading and writing.
Built-in high quality chips for stable performance and high speed operation.
High-quality circuit module board, effectively avoiding corrosion and wear, durable and easy to carry.
Warranty not applicable for this product

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