Rolltop® Assembled Desktop CPU, Intel Pentium G620 Dual Core 2.6 GHz 3 MB Processor H61 Motherboard, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk with Windows 10 Professional Trial (Wi-Fi Adaptor)

Price: ₹21,999.00 - ₹9,699.00
(as of Sep 18,2021 13:32:09 UTC – Details)

About the Product
Rolltop(R) Assembled Desktop Computer, Intel Dual Core 2.6 Ghz Pentium Processor, H61 Motherboard, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk with Windows 10 Professional Trial

Why opt for Assembled Computer from Rolltop Infotech

  1. All the Components used for Assembled PC are Branded and Recommended for best Performance.
  2. computer Parts are assembled by Professionals computer Engineers ensuring quality Performance.
  3. computer is Assembled and Installed and Dispatch is done after Quality Testing only.
  4. Recommend Configuration is selected for Best Performance.
  5. Rolltop Infotech select the Right Component for You which helps you to select best configuration.
  6. Assembled Computer Comes with Free Wi-Fi Adapter, makes your computer Wi-Fi enabled
  7. Computer Comes with Windows installed with all drivers.
  8. Pre-installed, Just Plug the Power and use the Computer

  9. All Branded Parts Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer/Seller Warranty.

Rolltop(TM) is Registered Trademark of Rolltop Infotech. We are pioneered in assembled desktop computer and established in 1996. We are assembling a wide range of high grade assembled Computers and one-of-a-kind products to our potential clients. We are at Rolltop Infotech dedicated to provide best quality Service to its Customers. We understand our Customer need for Assembled Desktop Computers and provide the PC’s Accordingly
Special Features: Pentium Dual Core 2.6 Ghz Processor 620 Model 3 MB Cache. This is Fast and Reliable Processor for dual-core quality performance. It supports DDR3 memory through its dual channel memory controller and features integrated Intel HD Graphics technology support for Clear HD images for all Applications. Sandy Bridge LGA1155 package, Energy efficient, practical Thermal Monitoring Technology to ensure your processor stays cool even while tackling demanding software applications.
H61 Motherboard: H61 Chipset Motherboard Comes with HDMI Port, 6 USB Port, 4 SATA Ports, DDR3 RAM Supported (2 Dual Channl Slots), Supports all processors (i3,i5,i7, pentium, celeron),LAN Port: Supports Realtek 8105E 100/1000 Mbps, Audio: Realtek 662 3xAudio Jack for 6 Channel High Definitio Audio. Integrated Onboard Graphic Card of 512 MB Memory included.Back panel: USB Mouse, keyboard Port, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 6 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 LAN Ports, 3 Audio Jacks
“PC is suitable for office work, home work, education, college projects, computer programming, entertainment, tally, compatible with adobe photoshop, corel draw, c, c++, java and other programming, gst software.
Operating System and Other Drivers: ROLLTOP Computer comes with all Parts Assembled & Windows 10 Professional 64 (Trial Version) Installed. Other Driver of Motherboard, wifi Adaptor etc are also Installed. Customer needs to just Connect the Power Cable, VGA Cable, Keyboard and Mouse with Power Supply. (Ready to Use). The Trial Period of Windows is 90 Days, Customer Can contuniue to use using own Keys or Install any other Windows Version 7, 8 or 10 etc. The Windows/Software is Not in Warrenty.

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