Azacus Home Electric Fly Mosquito Swatter Racket Bug Zapper Racket Insects Killer

Price: ₹ 2,199.00 - ₹ 1,249.00
(as of Sep 17,2021 21:38:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Get rid of disease-spreading mosquitoes without using harmful chemical fogging or repellent lotions with Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Swatter!

Mosquito Swatter comes with a high-voltage electric discharge that kills insects instantly with one easy swat. Mosquito Swatter is easy to clean after you are done using it. Due to its single-layer design, the flying insects will not be caught inside, so you won’t have to do the dirty job of cleaning them off.I t can be easily powered using a USB cable plugged into an adapter or power bank or laptop or any other device. It comes with an extremely powerful battery of 1200mAh.



HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: 3000-volt powerful output to kill any flying insects simply with one touch.KILL BUGS INSTANTLY: a single swing of these large versions of our best-selling zapper with a powerful 3000-Volt grid eliminates flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. Get rid of your old fly swatter and take the modern approach






Double switch, safe design When manually killing mosquitoes, you need to turn on the function switch, and then press and hold the strong power button to start the working mode, to avoid accidental electric shock to family members or children, and use more CafePress the activation button on your bug zapper racket, and an indicator light on. A triple-layer safety mesh protects you from electric shock.


High-Efficiency and Safety, Simply press the button and swing, once the Fly, Wasp, or Bug touches the screen it will be instantly Zapped. The racket bug zapper comes with a revolutionary three-layer mesh that is always safe to touch.

UV Light

An ON light indicates when the racket is activated and ready to kill bugs, flies, and mosquitoes




Safety: 3-layer power grid design, strong mosquito control and no electricity for people. The front and back two layers of insulation protection net, no current to prevent accidental electric shock, the middle layer of fine grid, low current and safe voltage, safe range for human body, strong voltage for mosquitoes and flies
The electronic mosquito trap is safe for people and pets, does not contain chemicals, does not radiate and is completely non-toxic.
Practical: easy to use for everyone, with any that has a USB port or regular adapter.
Easy to clean: Say goodbye to unsanitary equipment that can never be cleaned properly.

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