Kurtzy PP Self Watering Flowering Plant Pots for Indoor Garden Balcony Office Decor- Pack of 3 White 18x16cm

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 749.00
(as of Nov 27,2021 16:57:40 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Self watering Flower Pots are an excellent way to grow plants also when you do not want to spend much time on it. They water themselves at regular intervals allowing them to stay hydrated and fresh even when it’s not watered for a week or so. They have a special wick that absorbs the water from the bottom, draws them and supplied to the plant when necessary.

Flower PotsFlower Pots

Self-watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days. There comes a thick thread within that has to be placed in the inner layer of the pot through the pores given. The space between the inner and the outer layer is the place where water needs to be filled and you don’t have to water frequently as the thread will absorb the water and provide it to the plants when in necessary. The water has to be refilled only when the thread level does not reach the water.



Self WateringSelf Watering

No plants included No plants included

The inner pot has many drainage holes and air slits which gives room for oxygen supply to roots and helps in respiration.

These pots are specially designed as self-watering where hydroton can be used.

It has more width than height which helps the water to disseminate in an even way from top to bottom.

Orchids like Phalaenopsis can grow in these pots ideally for many years.



The pot comes as 2 layers – The outer one and the inner layer in which the plant has to be placed. The inner layer has pores and a gap between the two layers where the water can be stored. There comes a thread along with it which is the water provider to the mud that has to be kept soaking in water. There is no need to water the plants regularly. Once in 5 days, it needs to be checked.

Noble Design: The gardening pots have more width than height which helps the water to disperse in an even way from top to bottom. It has a sleek narrow design to fit into any shelf or balcony. A gap is present between the two layers where the water can be stored. The white and black combination of the pot gets camouflaged into any colored wall or shelf. Adding to that white color conveys simplicity and instantly gives the area a feel of freshness.
Functional Principle: The planter pots work in such a way that the water need not be filled every day. The thread in the inner pot will be soaked in water, and the thread carries water to the plant without washing away the nutrients. The air slits aid in oxygen supply and help in respiration. Hydroton coco peat can be used. Please note to fill water according to the plant requirement. The plant pots are a perfect choice for people with a busy schedule, office desk, balcony and indoors.
Installation: Once you receive your product separate the inner pot, in the holes of the inner pot glide the thread through holes ensuring that the ends of the thread are hanging out from both holes. Fill the outer pot with water till the thread ends are soaked in water. Place the sapling in the inner pot. There is a graphical representation for a detailed understanding.
Care Instruction: As the modern pots are filled with mud keep an eye for any spilling. Dry or wet wiping of pots works best; in case they are placed indoors. Make sure the water does not exceed the limit, keep a check once every five days. Orchids like Phalaenopsis can grow in these pots ideally for many years. The indoor pot can be refilled every 5-7 days depending on the requirement. Note: plant is not included.

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