PiGEONO Bird Spikes – Polycarbonate | Bird Control Product – Grey

Price: ₹ 1,400.00 - ₹ 430.00
(as of Dec 08,2021 15:38:23 UTC – Details)

PIGEONO bird spikes has been the leading brand of safe and humane bird control product. This Is A Device that Is Designed To Keep Birds And Pigeons From Perching On The Unwanted Places Of Building Structures. PIGEONO pigeons control product consists of engineering plastics and a clear U.V. Resistant base for long-lasting durability and all weather proof protection against target pigeons.

How to install?

  • Clean the surface properly where the spikes are to be installed.
  • Remove the plastic wrap on the bottom side of the tape to expose the adhesive.
  • Place the tape on the cleaned surface and apply pressure.
  • Now to place the spikes, remove the plastic wrap on the top and place the spikes one by one and apply pressure.
  • The spikes will stick to the adhesive.

Note: Under cold weather/temperature place the adhesive tape in the sun for a few minutes before sticking the tape.

Where to Use?

  • PIGEONO bird spikes can be used on any surface.
  • PIGEONO Bird Spikes are suitable for keeping pigeons/birds away from window sills, balconies, parapets, ledges, sign boards, beams, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights and other projections.
  • PIGEONO bird spikes can be used on outdoor units of AC’s.

MAINTAINING HEALTH & HYGIENE: Pigeons and their Droppings Create Unsanitary Conditions and can Cause Over 60 Transmissible Diseases, But Now you can Restrict them from Landing on your Property with Ease in a Cost effective Manner and to Permanent Effect.
DOES NOT HARM BIRDS: Birdproof Polycarbonate Bird Control Spikes are Used to Deter Birds Without Causing them Harm or Killing them.
WEATHER PROOF: 100% Clear Polycarbonate Bird Spikes, Ultra Violet Protected Sun and Weather Proof (Not Affective by Extreme Temperature).
Break Resistant, Super Flexible, Govt. Approved Product, Easy to Install, Non Toxic Product, No Electricity Required

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