RUMPES Fly swatter Mosquito bat Bug Zapper Rechargeable Racket, Insect Fly Killer, Mosquito Repellent Electric Swatter, Unique 3-Layer Safety Mesh for Home, Office – Multicolour

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Product Description


Say goodbye to insect repellents and sprays and safely keep your house free of pests with this Insect Racket. You can now easily kill insects and pests with this device which electrocutes them and kills them instantly. All you have to do is swing the racket and push the button to kill any flying insect. Secured and reinforced, it is safe for just about anyone to use. The handle of the racket also functions as a torchlight which is handy for emergencies.


Rechargeable Electronic RacketRechargeable Electronic Racket

Rechargeable Electronic RacketRechargeable Electronic Racket



Safe to touch

It has a three layer safety mesh and double trigger design which completely protects you from any accidental touch and misoperation. It assists you in getting rid of irritating mosquitoes and insects so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams and wake up fresh the next morning.

Rechargeable Electronic Racket

It is high-tech electronic racket. Suitable for use in various places, while traveling, indoors, etc. The charge lasts long when charged for an hour and can be rechargeable which becomes more convenient. The LED indicator helps you to know whether it is charging or not.


The mosquito racket is more convenient to carry and the usage is also very easy and simple. The buttons can easily direct you which helps you to understand the product better and make it work the way you want it to work.


Never touch the mesh even if the device is turned off, to avoid electric shocks as well as damage to the deviceKeep the device away from children, it should never be used as a toyThe device should always be kept in a dry place away from water & excess moistureDo not use the device in locations near to inflammable gases and liquids

How To UseHow To Use

Directions for Use

Press the round button to energize the mesh when the device is OnToggle the long switch between 0,1 & 2 to turn the device on/off with the LED lightPosition 0 – Device OffPosition 1 – Device ArmedDevice Armed with LED on

Safety and Cautions

Keep it safe from children, it should not be played by them because of the dangerous high voltage power.

Save power with the rechargeable battery which can be detached while charging.

How To Use

Instantly kills

It has a 220-Volts powerful output to kill any flying insects simply with one touch.3 Layers Net to Protect From Accidental Electric Shock.To charge the mosquito bat just push out the small button given at the bottom of the handle of mosquito bat.A 220V pin will pop out, just plug it into the socket directly and it will charge the mosquito bat.



Rechargeable mosquito swatter, hidden telescopic plug, easy to accommodate.


Triple protection: 2 layers of insulation protective layer +1 layer ABS insulation protective layer, do not worry about accidentally electric shock. Three-tier network, bold thick upgrade network, so that mosquitoes nowhere to escape. Exclusive fixed grid technology, compact grid will not easily fall off.


Double switch, toggle the start switch and button combination, to avoid accidentally touch the button and lead to danger.


Anti-skid handle, fine anti-skid handle design, easy to hold, high comfort. Share the lights, charging work sharing indicator, at a glance.


ABS material, shell using high-quality plastic, a molding, durable.


Share the lights, charging work sharing indicator, at a glance.

â??ULTRA-FAST CHARGING: Plug into any socket to charge this battery operated fly swatter quickly and efficiently. Powerful electric bug swatter dispatches flying insects instantly, with protective grid and red light to indicate when ready for use!
â??The bat is rechargeable through the plug that is at the end of the handle. COLOUR & DESIGN WILL BE RANDOMLY SENT
â??ONE SWAT: Fast, effective electronic fly swat which zaps insects such as wasps, flies, mosquitoes and midges on contact, with just one touch
â??PROTECTIVE MESH FOR YOUR SAFETY: You donâ??t need to worry if the device is too powerful that it may hurt yourself. The bug killing layer is isolated by protective meshes on both sides that are safe to touch

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