Sapretailer Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Barbecue 5Kg

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Open Charcoal Briquettes BagThen Keep the charcoal briquettes in the grill or charcoal chimney starter for ignition.Add any edible oil to the coal for easy ignition initially.Ignite the coal with the help of the lighter blocks or any lightning equipmentAllow some time for the fire to spread evenly over the charcoal and spread the marinated food over itApply the essential sauces on food as required


Never Burn the charcoal in a closed is for outdoor purpose only.Do not touch the charcoal once it lit.Put off the charcoal once Barbecue is doneKeep the children Away from charcoal grill

charcoal briquettescharcoal briquettes


Briquettes Made From All-Natural Compressed Coconut Shells That Save Trees & Waste Natural Coconut Based – Burns 10x Slower Than Regular Charcoals BURNS x10 LONGER: Burns Hotter & Burns Longer Than Other Charcoals on the Market USE LESS: Use Half the Amount Per Grill as Other Brands – A Little Goes a Long Way TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Perfect for Outdoor Charcoal Smokers, Grills, and Barbecues

Raw Charcoal BriquettesRaw Charcoal Briquettes

Switch up your backyard Barbecue routine with Charcoal, Charcoal made from renewable resources that burns longer and hotter than traditional charcoal! These Barbecue briquettes are made from compressed coconut shells, so they save trees and provide you with the same smoky taste as traditional slow burning charcoal.also burns hotter and longer than other products – great for charcoal smokers and barbecues! pound of Barbecue does the work of 2 pounds of normal grill coals, making it one of the best charcoals on the market. For any avid outdoor cook, Barbecue is bound to become the choice charcoal for all your summer meals!

bbq briquettesbbq briquettes


These briquettes are made from processed coconut shell and are a great substitute for lump charcoal. Apart from imparting a smoky flavor, the briquettes burn hotter, longer, don’t spark, emit less smoke.

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Package Contents:5 Kg Charcoal Briquettes
Briquettes burn hotter, longer, don’t spark, emit less smoke
Dehumidifier, banish bathroom moisture and odours, keep plant root water fresh, keep air fresh
Keep books mold-freeas a non-toxic refrigerator deodorizer keeps the fridge interior smelling fresh and prevents over powering aroma of pungent food items
Briquettes are made from processed coconut shell and are a great substitute for lump charcoal apart from imparting a smoky flavour, 100 percent high grade premium coconut shell charcoal briquettes, briquettes made from coconut shell waste and are a great substitute for the usual charcoal which sparks and has strong fumes

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