separate way Fly Swatter Manual Swat Pest Control- No Chemicals & 100% Eco Friendly (Pack of 3)

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 349.00
(as of Oct 23,2021 03:54:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Hand Fly SwatterHand Fly Swatter

Assorted Colour Hand Fly Swatter

plastic fly swatterplastic fly swatter

Separate Way Hand Fly Swatter

High quality flexibal plastic

assorted colour fly swatter

17.7″ long

Large swat area

Designed with hanging hole

Separate Way Colorful Fly Swatter

Make your life more colorful and peaceful

In the summer, the flies become active. They often appear on the dining table, kitchen, room, and even food. When resting, they often make annoying noises and disturb the rest. If you don’t deal with this fly in time, then Will attract more flies.

Our fly swatter can easily deal with this problem.

Large swat area:The fly swatter features a 5.6″X6″ large swat area which is easy to swat flies.

Long handle:The 17.5″ long handle allowing you to reach higher area to swat flies.

Durable plastic:This fly swatter is made of heavy duty ABS plastic which is durability and flexibility.

Funny color: Using our colorful fly swatter,the whole process become more funny when you swat pesky fliers.

HANGING DESIGNED:The handle is designed with hanging hole for easier hanging on wall.

colour full fly swattercolour full fly swatter

flexible fly swatterflexible fly swatter

long handle fly swatterlong handle fly swatter

Colorful Fly Swatter

The hand shape fly swatter have so much fun when you use it.It not only use to swat flies.The funny color also catch eyes and kids like to play with it. It’s a good activity tool like classroom activity,fly swatter activity.

Sturdy and Flexible

Make of high quality ABS plastic.The fly swatter can bend to a certain extent so it won’t break when you swat flies.

Long Handle

Our fly swatter has 17.7″ long handle and 5.6″x6″ large swatting area that is bigger than other fly swatter that means you can hit the fly more easily.

Anti-slip long handle, easy and comfortable to grip.
Smart appearance with hanging hole, easy to store.
Heavy Quality material with more bend
Color – Assorted, Material – Plastic

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