Sharpex Telescopic Metal Rake, Adjustable Rake for Quick Clean Up of Lawn and Yard, Garden Leaf Rake, Expanding Handle with Adjustable 31 to 64 Inch Width Folding Head

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Product Description


Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Product Features

Adjustable Garden RakeAdjustable Garden Rake

Sturdy Construction - GreenSturdy Construction - Green

Ideal for Dry Leaves and GrassIdeal for Dry Leaves and Grass

Adjustable Garden Rake

Rake is the most assorted tool of garden devices, this metal rake has teethed head with adjustable width expands from 7 inch to 23 inch. Rakes are being designed to induce less stress on the human body when used. It is the most efficient length adjusting gardening tool to keep the body in a neutral position while being used by Children, Adults and Older ones. It is ideal for cleaning and maintaining your garden areas and Lawns.

Sturdy Construction – Green

The shape of its head allows you to hastily and proficiently pick up grass, leaves and other small wreckage on your lawn. This tool is perfect for those looking for a quality tool for gardening use. It is available in the green color and sturdy design made of premium steel material. This tool is equipped with teethed head for optimal robustness and performance especially designed for gardening to last longer.

Ideal for Dry Leaves and Grass

This garden rake is perfect for loosening or breaking up compacted soil, spreading mulch or other lighter material evenly and leveling areas before planting. It is ideal to use for collecting leaves, hay, grass or other garden debris. It can be used as the broom for the garden beds and lawns. Grass clipping and other lightweight garden waste are commonly gathered by rakes for disposal.

Additional Information

Locking Switch – User FriendlyLocking Switch – User Friendly

Occupies Minimum SpaceOccupies Minimum Space

Care Instructions and BenefitsCare Instructions and Benefits

Locking Switch – User Friendly

Ergonomic handle provides excellent grip and lessen the pressure on your hands from gardening activities. Locking switch is made flawlessly to meet the most challenging use, which is flexible and consistent. This adjustable lock helps us to adjust the length of the rake and finally locking it to the desirable position for easy raking and gardening use.

Occupies Minimum Space

You might find it difficult to store the rake with other short handles gardening tool but due to its adjustable head mechanism you can hang a rake up by covering the less storage space. Or it can be perfectly stored by keeping head upwards so the tines can’t be stood . This fully mirror polished rake is lightweight and has compactness of about 4 feet long which occupies the minimum space for storage.

Care Instructions and Benefit

Rakes are very important in their creation and maintenance. It has fully mirror polished gaze with rust resistant steel coating which is easy to clean. It can be used in any weather conditions for cleaning your garden and lawn bed. These are the most versatile tools for the garden and have to be handled with care. A garden rake’s stiff tines can be pushed into the ground to pull out weeds and other unwanted plants.

HIGH-QUALITY – The rake is made from High Quality Steel so it is both strong and lightweight – a bonus when there are a lot of heavy leaves to lift up. Also, with the adjustable fan, it folds to a tighter profile so that it is less apt to be damaged while being stored between raking jobs.
LIGHTWEIGHT & MULTI-USE: This ideal garden rake easily rakes up clippings, leaves and loose lawn and garden debris without damaging plants. Adjust garden rake width to 7.10″ for tight areas like under hedges or between flower beds without concern. Note that the garden rake is NOT designed for heavy duty use such as rock or heavy materials.
SMOOTH ADJUSTMENT & VERSATILE DESIGN: Smooth Handle helps easy adjustment of garden rake head in seconds and makes long-time gardening an enjoyable experience. The tight lock switch keeps rake head fixed in any width. Adjust rake head width, one rake will do all the jobs both in tight and wide spaces
Order with Confidence: Sharpex is devoted to providing reliable & efficient product. Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria of Sharpex. If you have any question about the rake, please trust us and contact us. We are always available to help.

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