KIJAN Kitchen Appliances Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Cooking Serving Biryani, Punjabi Pot Pan Combo Handi Set of 5 Piece | Tapeli, Patila, Bowl | Cookware Without Lid

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Kijan Products - Make your Life EasierKijan Products - Make your Life Easier

Multipurpose Uses With Single Cookware Set – Serving Bowl

Delicious BiryaniDelicious Biryani

Paneer Tika MasalaPaneer Tika Masala

Spicy Dal FrySpicy Dal Fry


Chatakedar Biryani

Use for cooking/Serving BiryaniBiryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat, and sometimes, in addition, eggs and/or vegetables such as potatoes in certain regional varieties.

Panjabi Sabji

Use for cooking/Serving Punjabi Sabji.Punjabi Sabji is one of the most popular recipe in Indian cuisine The near perfect combination of spiciness and creaminess of it gravy makes it simply irresistible and versatile to be served with any Indian Bread or Roti

Dal Fry

Use for cooking/Serving DalDal Fry is a delicious Indian dish made with lentils, spices and herbs. Dal refers to lentils and are staples in most Indian homes

Sweet Halvo

Use for cooking/Serving BiryaniHalva refers to various local confection recipes in West Asia and its vicinity. The name is used for referring to a huge variety of confections, with the most geographically common variety based on fried semolina

A Complete Dish - By Using A Single Set Of CookwareA Complete Dish - By Using A Single Set Of Cookware

Featuring a stainless steel body and a thick gauge copper base at the bottom, this handi set is the perfect combination of style and substance.The unique design of these handis ensures even distribution of heat, thus avoiding burning of food and providing a more fuel-efficient solution for your cooking needs.Along with being perfect utensils for cooking food. It can also be used to serve your meals in a stylish manner.Easy to Clean and Maintain Thanks to the durable material used in the 5-piece copper handi pot set from KIJAN, washing and maintaining.Simply use a mild soap detergent and keep it looking new for a long time even with regular use.

All Size In One Set …

Set Of 5 Different SizesSet Of 5 Different Sizes

Kitchen Special

Different Capacity

1st Handi – 500 ml2nd Handi – 750 ml3rd Handi – 1050 ml4th Handi – 1200 ml5th Handi – 1500 ml

Different Diameter

1st Handi – 5.5″2nd Handi – 6.4″3rd Handi – 6.8″4th Handi – 7.15″5th Handi – 8.2″

Standard Size And Mirror FinishingStandard Size And Mirror Finishing


DESIGN: These Classy Copper Bottom Handi with lid Are Is Only Attractive To Look But Also Has A Very Large Capacity. They Can Be Used Not Only To Cook Food, But At The Same Time Due To Their High Storage Space And Attractive Looks, You Can Use Them As Cookware As Well As Serve ware On Your Table Top.MATERIAL: Copper Bottom. Premium Quality Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Deep Vessel / Handi / Cooking Pot For Kitchen. Export Quality Stainless Steel Making The Utensil Highly Durable, Long Lasting & Rust Free. Giving It A Long Live, Keeping It Beautiful For Years /Generations. Less Stain Steel Cookware.EASY TO HANDLE: Compact Size Makes It Easy To Store In Kitchen Cupboards. Easy To Clean & Maintain.USE: Ideal For Daily Use On Your Gas Stove. Energy Efficient. Heats Evenly And Cooks Faster. Food Will Not Stick To Your Pan.

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2. Set of four copper handis for everyday use
3. Aesthetic design with mirror polish steel finishing
4. Kitchen Serving Bowl – Handi
5. Smart design provides even heat distribution while cooking

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