KidDough Baby Proofing Extra Thick Safety Soft Cushion Edge Corner Protector Guard for Kids Safety (Brown) – 10 pcs (Pre-Taped)

Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Oct 18,2021 22:54:37 UTC – Details)

Baby playtime will take a whole new meaning with the KidDough Corner Protector.
Let your baby crawl and walk freely in the house without worrying about them getting hurt by any sharp corner of house furniture.

Comes in a set of 10: Enough quantity of corner guards to let you baby proof most parts of your house.
Super Thick and Soft Corner Protectors: These protectors are perfectly Soft and Thick to absorb the impact from the sharp corners of tables, TV cabinet, bed, wardrobe, cabinets, center table and other furniture.
Sticks super strong, pre-taped, Practical design and easy to use: Easily gets fixed on the corners with the best in class 3M double-sided tape and covers the corner entirely and doesn’t leave any area of doubt. The generous size of the guard protects the babies from any sharp blows and bruises.
High-Quality Non-Toxic Material: These soft cushion corners are made of high-quality NON-TOXIC EVA Rubber material to withstand any impact.
Prevention before Cure: Each day counts when you know you have to childproof the house! Protect your kids, your pets, and the whole family from sharp edges and furniture corners.

Ensure to clean the surface properly before applying.
Avoid installing it in front of your baby: It’s better to put these corner guards on respective corners at a time when your baby is not watching you doing this. Because babies are prone to be curious and to copy whatever their mom and dad do. So there might be chances that just after installing, your baby will snatch those corner guards making their sticky tapes less adhesive to stick again.

Happy Baby Proofing! Kids Safety

✔ THICK & SOFT MATERIAL -> The material easily absorbs high impacts and returns back to its original shape. This foam-like material keeps your baby safe from any untoward incident.
✔ PREMIUM & STRONG 3M TAPE -> KidDough Guards come pre-taped with high-quality 3M tape which makes sure your kid doesn’t take the corner protector off and the guard will serve its purpose for a long time to come.
✔ DESIGNED & CERTIFIED BY PROFESSIONALS -> Unlike any other corner protector, KidDough products are designed and approved by IITIANs and Paediatricians together. Pediatricians know what is best for your kid and IITIANs know the best technology to achieve that. Moreover, the guards arrive factory certified and are manufactured with only child safe & highest quality material to give you full peace of mind. These childproof bumpers contain Soft Impact-absorbing Foam, NBR, No BPA, No Phthalates.
✔ EASY TO USE AND SIMPLE DESIGN -> Blends in and easily matches your furniture color. The KidDough Edge Protector for Kids is a great way to baby proof and prevent painful injuries from slamming and falls on sharp edges and corners. It also won’t damage furniture and it can be removed once its purpose is served. The pre-tape helps in quick and easy installation.

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