Mecano Hydrojet 1600 W Induction Motor 120bar 6.5L/min Flow High Pressure Washer for Cars/Bikes & Home Cleaning Purpose (Black & Grey)

Price: ₹11,500.00 - ₹7,990.00
(as of Aug 05,2021 20:48:57 UTC – Details)

Product Description

water pressure machine for carwater pressure machine for car

At Matrixstore, we are best in providing quality material products that help our customers to feel secure and more convenient lifestyle. We always only follow the security procedure to ensure your safety and to build a strong relationship with us. We develop our strategy every single time and focus on every single of the product that makes us the priority for the customers.

We are glad to present to you this home and vehicle washer for your simple washing your fundamentals. We are expecting to dispatch savvy items with better quality than meet the consistently expanding business sector request with promisingly exceptional practices.


Greatest Pressure: 120 Bar/1.2 MPa. Induction Motor

Greatest Flow Rate: 6.5 liter/Min. Long Life Aluminum Pump

Max. Water temperature: 50 degree C, Water Protection Class : IPX5

Power: 1600 watts. 5 Meter Cord Length. Spray with Adjustable Nozzle

Air conditioning 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz

Saves Time

With this multiple feature product, you can do your work easily and its fast and amazing speed saves your time and give you the best cleans.

car washercar washer

water pressure machine for car washwater pressure machine for car wash

water pressure gun for car washingwater pressure gun for car washing

Quality Product

Our preference to provide you the best quality p[product every single time that you can use and feel happy. We did it at very reasonable cos at your doorstep.

The Best In The Market

Very Low Sound Level

Quiet Power Washer

Induction motor

Mecano Hydrojet Induction Motor 1600 Watt (Black & Grey)

High Pressure Washer-

This electric pressure washer gets your dirty work done. The Mecano pressure washer conveys everything to handle an assortment of cleaning assignments: homes, structures, vehicles, trucks, vessels, decks, garages, yard hardware, and that’s just the beginning. This electric pressure washer is intended for ideal flexibility so you can perform assorted cleaning errands for your home, vehicle, porch, and substantially more without breaking a sweat.

This product can be used for many purposes such as car washing, garden hardware, cycle washing etc.

Fast and Amazing speed save your time and give you the best cleans.

Electric Pressure Washer

TSS (Total Stop System)

Easily switch to a variety of cleaning tasks

water pressure pumpwater pressure pump

water pressure gun for car washingwater pressure gun for car washing

washer machine hosewasher machine hose

1.2 MPa Extreme Power

The pump administers water at a high-weight of around to dispose of even the most difficult grime. The surge of water can reach a separation of around 6 to 10 meters. This makes it simple for you to clean your vehicle without moving about much of the time to arrive at all the sides.

Compact Design

This electric washer pressure can be conveniently used for your washing work due to its compact design. Which helps you to easily move from one to another side and do the work efficiently without any delay and problem.

Remove Heavy Dirt from a Cars & Other Places

Maintaining the vehicle out of dirt and mud is regular cleaning task that everyone come across. Mecano high pressure washer is the perfect aid for such cleaning processes. It is very handy and simple mechanism, everybody can work with this high pressure washer without much effort.

water pressure pumpwater pressure pump

washer machine hosewasher machine hose

induction motorinduction motor

Remove Heavy Dirt

This quite difficult to remove a speck of small dirt from any of your vehicles or places also. This washing item is doubtlessly impeccable to do this kind of work. Because of its minimal size and lightweight, anybody can work with this high-pressure washer absent a lot of exertion.

What is In the Box

This Package incorporates every one of the segments required to get proficient like vehicle washing at your home. It includes an incredible acceptance engine motor, high weight stream spout, high weight hose, and a preparing pipe.

6.5 liter/Min-High-Pressure Hose

Perfect high-pressure hose lets you draw nearer to the things you’re cleaning without moving the washer.

high pressure washershigh pressure washers

Maximum Flow Rate: 6.5 litre/Min. Long Life Aluminium Pump
Hose Length & Power Cord : 5 Meters
Power: 1600 watts. Spray with Adjustable Nozzle
AC 220V – AC 240V 50/60 Mz

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