NYRWANA DELIVERING SMILES IN INIDA Baby Child Infant Kids Safety Safe Table Desk Corner Edge Cushions Guard Protector – Clear (Pack of 12)

Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 329.65
(as of Oct 19,2021 06:49:13 UTC – Details)


A. Clean furniture surfaces thoroughly and allow them to completely dry. Rubbing alcohol can be used for most surfaces but not all.
B. simply peel off tape backing, and place at the desired corner. and firmly press Edge Guard onto the bare tape for 30 seconds.
C. Now, gently lift and peel off the tape backing of the flat surface and repeat the process.
D. Full adhesion strength is achieved after 48 hours.

A. Place a hot cloth (60 Degree C) over the guard, allowing adhesive to soften. B. Gently peel back the edges of the Edge Guard.
C. Using your fingers, roll off the remaining adhesive tape and clean your furniture surface.

1. Semi-rigid yet flexible
2. Lightweight yet durable
3. Easy to install
4. Heavy-metal-free; non-toxic
5. Transparent and clear
6. Easy removal leaving no residues.
7.Our corner protectors are manufactured by BPA-free, food grade material.
8.The 1MM Thick adhesive Tape and the special spherical structure ensure that the corner bumpers can absorb the sudden shocks.
9. These corner protectors look great with any furniture.
Since these are clear and transparent, once you put them on you won’t even notice that they are there. They blend seamless with your furniture, maintaining that actually look and feel of your furniture
As parents you want a safe and hazard-free home for your child. Don’t risk it when it comes to your child’s safety. Our corner and edge
Guards with 1 mm Thick adhesive tape which have three times more hold and cushion than what is available in the market. Each Corner Guard Includes One Unit Transparent Soft Silicon Corner Guard and double sided adhesive tape
In India, there are around 3 Million Infant Injuries per year. More than half of this is due to Collisions and the main cause of collision are the sharp corners of Furniture. This is a huge fatality and is something which can be easily controlled by baby proofing your house. A simple product like corner protector can protect your child from injuries. Do not worry about sharp corners anymore

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