Tony Stark 10 pcs Furniture Door Cupboard, baby safety locks, Cabinet, Fridge, Drawer, Safety Locks for Kids, baby safety products (21x5cm) White

Price: ₹ 749.00 - ₹ 299.00
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Product Description



Solution, Not LimitationSolution, Not Limitation

Why Babyproofing?

The curious mind of a child wants to know what is behind the door you just closed or opened. For that matter, gazing at the door closing and opening is quite appealing to a child. Do not forget a child by nature is inquisitive and inquiring, but we will not let your kid get hurt because of curiosity.

Child Safety

The Latches prevent children from injuring hands or fingers by closing doors. The lock can be mounted at any height that your child cannot reach, and it will prevent them from getting an injury on those little hands.

Solution, Not Limitation

Tony Stark’s latches are easy to use as they operate on the click-lock concept, which does not work as a blockade for parents and makes it impossible for kids to open. Whereas being a parent, you no longer have to worry about your kid opening the unwanted doors.

Multipurpose Proofing

Fridge and Cupboard

Toilet Seat

Washing Machine

Microwave Oven

Easy to access the door

Easy to apply and remove

Protect little hands

Convenient & safe

Functional Design Functional Design

Secure Locking Secure Locking

Door Cupboard Cabinet Fridge Door Cupboard Cabinet Fridge

Functional Design

The latchets are designed with simplicity, giving you a hassle-free yet functional locking. The peel and stick 3M tape come with a high-grade adhesive that fastens easily to any flat surface.

Secure Locking

The sturdy fit locking ensures no slippage and the door does not open even when pulled vigorously. Latchets can be used on any door, cupboard, cabinets, fridge, drawer oven, etc.

Safe and Trendier

Our Latchets are made using non-toxic plastic and do not include any metal parts. All plastic compositions make childproof safe, while its elegant look make it compatible with all interiors

Quality with Durability Quality with Durability

Quality with Durability

One needs peace of mind before sticking anything to their precious piece of furniture or appliance.


Made of high-quality nylonFlexible and DurableDoes not cut after coming in between the door


Sticks easily, does not leave a mark at the time of removal


Made of high-grade plasticClips and unclips smoothly after repeated use


Colour : White
Quantity : 10 Pcs

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